Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday 25/05/09

Bugger all newsworthy today.

I guess the main political parties should now be focussing on cleansing their Augean Stables of embezzlers ready for the general election. If they don’t, then they risk fringe parties forming a coalition of the insane.

Sent off my European Parliament postal voting slip yesterday and was horrified at some of the so-called political parties contending the election. The voting slip comprised 2 pages of A4 and there must have been 20 parties listed. I chose the sensible option of Joanna Lumley’s Gurkha Party.


  1. Why's Joanna Lumley having a party with little green pickled cucumbers ? I would have thought that she could afford to have slightly more upmarket nibbles after the money she made from AbFab.

    P.S. Why do I have ants in my flat, I live on the 4th floor! Is there some kind of mountaineering ant that I have never heard of or do I smell of formic acid and it has attracted them to climb vertically for a distance that must be at least equivalent to several ant kilometres?

  2. Not being particularly politically minded, I didnt understand any of that first paragraph!

    I know, I know, too early and not enough coffee....

    However, at least Jo Lumley is nice to look at...x

  3. still no clue... oh, and you're the best looking over-50 I know, apart from hubs ;-) (forgot to mention that)

  4. Kapgaf, would recommend salt at all the boundaries of your flat - Annoying, but they won't cross over the lines of salt - Speaking from experience!

    Aunty Fhi x