Sunday, 10 May 2009

Sore Head

Didn’t go to The Dog for dinner after all. An old school friend dropped in on his way from the US to Australia (he runs a superyacht refit business in Florida), and so we went for an Indian, followed by a boozy session at The Dog with some horsey people from the Badminton Horse Trials till 2am. My mate turned up in a Corvette he keeps here is the UK – quite a week for exotic cars.

Phil Nicholas and his Corvette.

Some friends we made at The Dog.

I was admiring myself in the bathroom mirror this morning and wondered what the purpose of male nipples is. Every part of the male body (including, surprisingly enough, the brain) serves a purpose – except for the nips. Design fault? Hay informed me that it is because the default position for an embryo is female, with hormones effecting the change to male. I corrected her by telling her it is not a mere change, but a design improvement.

On Friday night we thought we’d see if there was anything worth watching on BBC iPlayer (for non-UK residents, iPlayer enables you to view TV programmes off-line via the internet). The following in a list of the most popular programmes on the BBC last week, which is a sad indictment on the waning level of the British intellect.

1. EastEnders: Thu, 07 May 2009
2. The Apprentice - Series 5: Episode 7
3. My Family - Series 9: 8. The Guru
4. The Apprentice: You're Fired - Series 5: Episode 7
5. Waterloo Road - Series 4: Episode 18
6. Claire Richards: My Big Fat Wedding:
7. Great British Menu - Series 4: Wales Dessert
8. Have I Got News for You - Series 37: Episode 2
9. Crimewatch on the Streets:

Wall-to-wall soaps and so-called reality TV, with the one exception of a news quiz (which has increasingly incorporated canned laughter of late due to the jokes getting worse).

I think I need to liven things up at the office and need some creative ideas. We’ve done the usual things – you know what I mean; filing cabinet scaling, office free-running and all the chair-based sports (synchronised chair spinning, office chair down-hill skiing and office chair regatta). All contributions welcome.


  1. Jinks: Given up on that. There's no future in it.

  2. Have you read “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” (Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini)? Its humour might appeal to you - and one of the authors is actually a doctor.

  3. Beth: No, but I have got a copy of The X In Sex, which is about chromosomes and their determinant in the sex of a human foetus. I imagine it's the same, but without the humour.

  4. Your friend, dear Chairman, should review his website and check it for spelling errors.
    Not that my English is faultless, but I have a reasonable good excuse.

    Ah...we horsey people are such fun ;-)

  5. Carolina: I have told him this countless times.

  6. Does he not realise how important a good website is? I was just thinking about refitting my superyacht, but reading his website convinced me that HE is not the one to go to for that ;-)

    Oh, and badminton is something involving shuttles and rackets to me. I don't like and I don't do Eventing. Not on purpose anyway.

  7. Carolina: He is, but he gets most of his business by word-of-mouth and turned over $4m last year. Can't argue with that.

  8. Hehe, I offered to check his website for spelling errors at a fee. I've just become a lot more expensive ;-)
    He could have turned over 8m. If only.....