Thursday, 14 May 2009

Thursday 14/05/09

Spotted someone famous at the hotel yesterday and he agreed for me to take a snap of him with one of my sales managers for our company newsletter. He seemed quite pleased that someone had actually asked his permission, rather than just snapping away. I’ll leave it to you to guess who the mystery guest was.

Mystery guest with one of my team.

As I returned home I tried to take a photo of Windsor castle from the moving car for my weekly letter to my boys.

Attempt No.1

Attempt No.2

Having been twice thwarted by passing cars speeding into the frame, I gave up.

Official! Man Flu really is worse than Woman Flu. A Canadian study indicates that men’s immune systems are not as strong as those of women's as the female sex hormone, oestrogen, would appear to counter an enzyme which blocks the inflammatory process. After millennia of being ridiculed by women, millions of men now feel vindicated and are bringing a class action against the female of the species, providing they can raise themselves from their sickbeds.

Back to the MPs’ expenses debacle. Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, announced someone in his party will pay back £0.32 in excess expenses. Labour leader and Prime Minister, Obi-Wan Brown stated that Health Minister Phil Hope would pay back £41,709. Not to be outdone and having overdosed on testosterone, Conservative leader, Darth Cameron, stated that the sub-prime mortgage debacle was an expenses oversight and he would be paying back £120 billion.

It’s now officially a competition to see which party fiddled more from the taxpayer.

Burmese pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been charged with breaching the conditions of her detention under house arrest, her lawyer has said. A man was arrested after swimming across a lake to her house. He’s been arrested but claims he was only delivering a box of chocolates (you probably won’t get that unless you’re British).

German police are reportedly negotiating a prisoner swap deal with the Vatican, hoping to exchange John Demjanjuk for Pope Benedict.

The landlady of Cutting Edge pub in Worsbrough, South Yorkshire, has attempted to get round the pub smoking ban by declaring that a room in her pub is a smoking research centre. Apparently the regulations banning smoking in pubs contains an exemption for a designated room in a research or testing facility whilst it is being used for any research or tests. The ruse apparently quadrupled business in a single weekend, although the local council are not impressed and say they will take action.


  1. Just watched a 'man flu' discussion on TV - a psychologist said it is a man's way of asking to be cared for, as they are so crap at actually expressing their needs vocally!

  2. Jiksy: Can't see that applying to me. I'm very vocal in expressing my needs.

  3. Blimey, the Fonz and the Milktray Man all in one post!
    And loving the reserch centre...

  4. I love the Fonz! So jealous!

  5. SV / Kat: Fonz? The guy on the right is in my sales team. It's the chap on the left who is the celebrity. Can't remember his name though.

  6. Henry Winkler ? Famous ? Well, has-been famous.
    And what do the Germans want with Benedict ? Are they going to marry him to Ms Merkel ?
    Your photographic efforts to capture Windsor Castle (I do so hope you weren't driving at the time), are a bit like television OBs, there's always some idiot who makes funny faces in front of the camera.

  7. Mr Winkler is still working in movies, directing, producing, as far as I am aware - He is said to come over as a really lovely bloke... Perhaps you might have asked him whether he'd had man flu, Sir?!