Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Wednesday 27/05/09

Sorry - I was simply too busy entertaining No.1 son yesterday to compile a decent Chairman's Thought for today.

By the time this gets automatically posted at 7am, I'll have already been on the road for an hour. Heading up to Slackistan to visit mother in Southport, the outlaws in West Kirby and take in a business meeting in Birkenhead on the way back.

Hopefully there will be a radio controlled plane waiting in the post for my son when we get back - can't wait!

Insurance people still haven't got their act together - they're as much use as a Ferrari is to Stevie Wonder. Hopefully the car will be collected tomorrow, and I hope to hell they don't decide it's a write-off.


  1. What region is nicknamed Slackistan and why? I've never heard that one.
    Im envious of the remote control plane. I bought a remote control helicopter a few years back and could never fly it. It was a complete waste of money. I should have gone with the plane.

  2. Dave: Slackistan is oop north. Plane didn't arrive today. Hopefully Mr Postman will bring it tomorrow.

  3. Definitely a scary post today : bring on the laughs, please, I'm in dire need of laughs.

  4. Hmmm, I haven't been visiting you so I'll need to read back to see what happened to your car. Hope your weren't in it at the time.

  5. Kapgaf: Low on laughter at present, what with the debacle with the car.

    Carolina: I was in it, but suffered no injury.