Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tuesday 26/05/09

Headline News:

Spinal Tap to reform for Glastonbury and as a celebration of the 25th anniversary of their iconic film - This is Spinal Tap.

The over-50s are afraid they are going to have to work longer due to pensions being hit. by the financial crisis Why is it that whenever the media talks about the over-50s they use stock photography of people in their 60s and 70s? Look at the bugger in the link above - I look nothing like that.

The boss of the company that makes Irn-Bru is to retire, meaning he has to pass on the secret formula for the drink, a formula which only two people at a time know (besides any retired chairmen). I thought it was public knowledge that the secret ingredient is girders - well, girders and lots of sickly sweet things.

Have set this post to automatically propagate as a test of the system, and so I can have a lie-in.


  1. It worked! I hope you had a good time sleeping in!

  2. Kat: No such cloody luck. Damned morning chorus wakes me at 6am or earlier every day. That and some flat-footed bird walking over the roof of the caravan.

  3. You're right! That is a pic of a much older man! I am fast approaching 50 and hope I dont look it, or look like a 60-70 year old. I'm not looking forward to 50 and I refuse to buy a cloth cap and a bottle of that Old Man Smell from Boots. Enjoy your lie-in.

  4. I've never drunk Irn Bru but I had a Glaswegian mate at University and I used to plead with him to say it - it sounds so much better with a strong Glasgow accent!

  5. Husband desperate to see Spinal Tap. Tho' I can't see him wading around Glastonbury these days.


  6. hmmm, no clue to what happened to your car....