Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday 18/05/09

Overheard in the caravan:

The scene: The Chairman is making a lard, cheese, mayonnaise and chili sauce sandwich. Hay leans over and grabs a piece of cheese from the sandwich. The Chairman reacts protectively, shielding his sandwich from Hay’s probing hand.

Hay: “You’re very territorial about your food, aren’t you?”
Chairman: “It’s programmed into me by evolution – food is a matter of life or death.”
Hay: “Or on the basis of what you eat, death or death."

Hay’s not feeling too good at present and hasn’t been entirely well since returning from China with a very painful sinus infection. As she’s not able to metabolise certain drugs, pain control and medication is not a simple issue.

Regarding the latest (and ongoing) revelations about MPs’ expenses in the Daily Telegraph; I wonder when these ‘officials’ who tacity agreed that MPs could make bogus claims will be outed and sacked. As a friend of mine said over the weekend, it’s a shame that the actions of 95% of MPs should tarnish the sterling work done by the remaining 5%.

In the caravan we have a satellite TV system; however, due to the cable having been accidentally sliced by the lawn mower, the connection has been suspect for some time. On Friday evening it finally parted, but due to the paucity of quality TV programmes we have taken a conscious decision not to bother fixing it – at least for now. We’ve had an entire weekend that has been free of live TV. If there is anything we desperately want to watch, then we can use t’internet and the iPlayer service to watch it retrospectively. What little free time I had over the weekend was spent reading or listening to the radio. TV has become an unwelcome and intrusive visitor, cascading vast quantities of utter drivel into our lives.

Something I did watch on t’internet was a very interesting 2006 lecture by Stuart Hameroff and V.S. Ramachandran on quantum consciousness and religious experience. If you want to watch it via the link, ensure you have about an hour to spare.


  1. I'm with Hay on the food thing.

    Please could you add "Titter" to the reaction choices - I'm never sure of the difference between a guffaw and a laugh. Perhaps it's that kind of snorty sound at the back of the throat that never quite makes it to laugh status and sounds like you might sound if you were trying to pronounce Van Gogh the way the Dutch do....

  2. I would have cut out all that stuff and just had the lard.

    Is your caravan similar to Alan Partridges' - i always thought that one was pretty cool xx

  3. Kaogaf: Well, I have added Twitter!

    Jenny: Didn't know Alan P had one. Never watched Coogan's shows.