Saturday, 30 May 2009

Saturday 30/05/09

Overheard in the caravan:

Hay: "Badger, why is it I can find the cigar lighter in the rental car within 20 seconds of climbing into it, whereas you searched for an hour and still couldn't find it?"
Chairman: "Women's intuition?"

Getting worried about Caravan Mummy.

Caravan Mummy's Pet Cemetary at Folly House.

Someone has buried a pet out on the common. When wading through the long grass, Hay and I came upon what is ostensibly a pet burial site, comprising a pile of stones and some flowers. Obviously a cairn terrier.

By the time this is published I'll have been on the motorway for a couple of hours. Dropping No.1 son off at the secret location in Truro at 9am and handing him over to an unmarked taxi for onward delivery to his home under cover of darkness.

No.1 son has spent the last week being tutored by Perry on his electronic srum kit and is now quite proficient. Perhaps I should suggest he pesters his mother to buy him a set.


  1. An electronic srum kit - My word, Chairman, you have discovered a new musical instrument ;)

  2. Woman: I find it useful to inspect the keyboard around the vicinity of the letter that appears to be wrong. Obvously I meant stum kit.