Sunday, 24 May 2009

Sunday 24/05/09

Not all may get the irony associated with this picture I took yesterday while returning from Truro after collecting No.1 son. It's a British sports car that was last manufactured some 30 odd years ago by a company called Triumph and the model is a Spitfire - being an iconic name from WWII (despite Hurricanes having been the mainstay of the Royal Air Force's efforts at repelling Herr Hitler).

The irony is that the registration plate of the car is German.

Before I start getting comments asking whether I was taking photos while driving, my 5 foot assistant took the photo for me.

It's a bit like finding a British registered Messerschmitt.

Just noticed there's an option in Blogger to delay a post, enabling you to write it and then choose the time it goes live. Handy for when you're on holiday - write a bunch of stuff and then organise for it to go live in sequence.


  1. We know it's not you taking the photo because we can see the photographer (even if we can't see how tall he is)!

    My first car was a Triumph but I couldn't afford a Spitfire. I paid £80 for it, which was less than it cost me to insure it. I drove it 'til it died a natural death near Epsom racecourse, in 1984 - the year of it's death seems somehow appropriate.

  2. Kapgaf: You;re better at spotting things than me. I can see my assistant now!

    What model?

  3. Triumph Dolomite, orange with black trim but I don't know anything more about it - it was my first car and, at that time, I wasn't that bothered about cars, just that they got me from A to Z.

  4. I love the Spitfire, I does... And there is something about the name, Messerschmidt, as it ought to be, with its meaning of 'knifesmith' that always appeals to me...

  5. Kapgaf: That's also my main concern, however I do like cars that don't have stoved in doors.

    Woman: An iconic name. Not sure why Prof. Messerschmitt's family spelled it that way. as for the spitfire - I preferred the GT6.

  6. Love it -- British registered Messerschmidt! I like the scheduling tool too ...

  7. Louise: You do realise I'm talking about the 3-wheeler car Messerschmitt (not Messerschmidt)? Messerschmitt started to make bubble-cars after the war.

  8. nope, nothing yet (nice car though)