Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Thursday 07/05/09

Yesterday Mark Vernon’s blog alerted me to the Kindle, a device for reading e-books.

Can’t see it catching on. Mark provides a list of reasons but neglected to mention the fact that whereas you can safely leave your copy of Madam Bovary on your beach towel, safe in the knowledge it won’t be nicked while you’re having a dip in the ocean, one’s Kindle would be half inched within a blink if left alone for more than a nanosecond. Also, because it’s tangible, a book gives you an immediate impression of size (and hence length of read), whereas that’s difficult with an e-book.

The only advantage of a Kindle would be to enable you to take your entire library with you when on holiday, and I don’t really see that as an advantage. No, the Mark I codex, or book as we experts call it, has stood the test of time and will remain my preferred reading technology until I peg it.

According to news reports, the jailed US-Iranian reporter Roxana Saberi has ended a two-week hunger strike which was in protest over her eight-year jail sentence for spying. Iranian judiciary officials denied Ms Saberi was ever on a hunger strike – I guess they thought she was merely on a diet.

In a weird twist of fate, the boss of speed camera firm Serco has been caught by one of his firm’s cameras driving at more than 100mph on the A11. You’d think that he, of all people, would have a satnav that alerted him to the location of his own cameras. Bet he's spitting feathers.

The Conservatives have been turning up the heat on the PM, Obi-Wan Brown, accusing him of not being up to the job and criticising a number of recent parliamentary defeats. During PM’s Questions, Brown responded with the quip: "I've now listened to the Tories for the last 20 minutes and not one of them has asked a serious question about policy." Touché Gordon. Seems Darth Cameron is all bluster and has nothing of substance to offer, except criticism, which is an easy thing to do. His policy seems to be based on calling for change for change’s sake, rather than telling us what he would do differently. I’ve no doubt the hoi polloi will vote Darth Cameron in at the next election, but not on the basis of his policy, which is a dangerous road to tread.


  1. The speed camera guy is not spitting feathers, he's too busy wiping the egg off his face.

    And if Brown is Obi-Wan and Cameron is Darth, who the hell is Yoda ?

    Gotta go (Cornwall, yipee), back on Tuesday.

  2. Kapgaf: Yoda is obviously Nick Clegg.

  3. That Obi-Wan and Darth reference is a a scream dude............Is there a Jabba the Hut in the bunch??
    Our politicians here aren't much better if that helps.........I think all politians everywhere are so crooked that we will have to screw them all into the ground when they die........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl