Saturday, 15 May 2010

Cameron Proposes Change to Eurovision Song Contest Voting Rules

David Cameron, PM and leader of the ConDems, has publicly announced his plans to change the Eurovision Song Contest voting rules. In future any Greek votes for Cyprus and Cypriot votes for Greece will be divided by two.

It is believed he’s also considering a change to the rules of the World Cup such that it requires a 100% majority vote from English MPs to confirm and ratify any defeat of the England team. Without such ratification, the result will automatically be a 5-0 win for England, whatever the actual score.

Comrade Cameron

I dedicate this little film to all politicians:


  1. The film was a triumph of style over substance which makes your dedication most appropriate. Not sure what the point of it was - which makes the dedication most appropriate.

  2. Ted: The moral is that it's not always wise to take things at face value - especially cauliflowers.

  3. A curry and a bottle of wine last night and now this! Thanks Chairman, now my brain hurts...

  4. It's all in the way you look at it. :)