Wednesday, 5 May 2010

That's Just About The Limit

I was looking at the NHS safe drinking limits yesterday. Do you realise that men are advised to drink no more than 21 units of alcohol per week and no more than four units in any one day.

Four units is a smidgin short of a large glass of Shiraz. I think they’re confusing safe drinking limits with what’s commonly called an apĂ©ritif. That leaves bugger all room for the wine with the lunch and the digestif afterwards.

According to Hay I’ve been on a diet for the last week, but I wasn’t aware of it.

Yesterday I was looking at some statistics:

  • 1994, Net migration 90,000, unemployment 2.7m
  • 1998, Net migration 150,000, unemployment 1.8m
  • 2002, Net migration 160,000, unemployment 1.5m
  • 2006, Net migration 200,000, unemployment 1.7m
  • 2009, Net migration 160,000, unemployment 2.6m

I’m not certain whether these figures have been cherry-picked, but they suggest to me that there is no correlation between immigration and unemployment.

Combine this with the interesting fact is that the various political parties have consistently stated that the UK needs a steady influx of 150,000 immigrants per year over the next 20 years in order for the economy to grow.


  1. If only politicians were as wise as bloggers.
    Why aren't you running the country?

    Vote for Chairman Bill!

  2. I wonder if it's OK to save your "units" up until the weekend or must we force ourselves to neck a goblet of Shiraz every day.. oh the drudgery of it all :)

  3. Liz: Because I'm not daft.

    SAteve: I find it most efficacious to consume the weekly limit on a daily basis.

  4. You clearly must be enjoying the diet you haven't noticed.
    Those statistics show some food for thought.