Thursday, 13 May 2010

Saving £6bn in Waste?

Mmmm – the party campaigning on a platform to reduce government waste by £6bn renames the ‘Department for Schools, Children and Families’ to the ‘Department for Education’.

I guess that may save some ink in the title, but what about the vast rebranding exercise, the letterheads, the business cards, the computer systems.

That logo’s going to have to go (although it’s rather apt for a coalition). Bring in the consultants at great expense! I guess that alone will cost a couple of million.

Oh – it’s been changed already.


  1. What an amazing new logo... I can see where the money has gone.
    I think that the government are missing opportunities to save money. With the large numbers of unemployed you would think there would be plenty of web designers, graphic artists and administrators all looking for something to put on their CV for a few extra food stamps...

  2. They should just have one department called "Misc.", my filing system works like that anyway..