Thursday, 20 May 2010

A Change of Clothes

Overheard in the caravan after The Chairman had been away for two days seeing customers up north and Hay having inspected his travel bag:

Hay: Have you been wearing the same set of clothes for two whole days?

Chairman: Well, I don’t like to unnecessarily…

Hay: Be clean?

Chairman: "You wouldn't understand - it's a man thing."


  1. You don't need to change your clothes as much up north. Over time, all that smoke from the mill chimneys destroys the olfactory receptors and therefore personal hygiene isn't such a big issue. Another advantage of living north of Chesterfield.

  2. Did you not even change your pants???

  3. Alan: I knew there was an excuse.

    Scarlet: You can wear them back-to-front, and then inside out. My record is a week - but there again I'm a bloke.