Friday, 14 May 2010

Truly, Madly, Grumpy Drop Zone

Someone in the area is making T-shirts with logos like;

  • Truly, Madly, Grumpy, and
  • I’m Hung Like A Parliament.

I particularly like this one.

I’m somewhat concerned about some signs near the local primary school.

Don’t ask why, but I have images of hordes of school kids dropping out of the skies on parachutes from a flight of Hercules C130 transports.

I received the following e-mail yesterday evening (bear with me and read it all):


Hello Folly,

I'd love the opportunity to talk to you about your resume! Your credentials are very impressive, your background and track record closely resemble some other highly successful individuals. We have worked with many such professionals and helped them realize their dreams to become successful entrepreneurs. Based on your resume, I can see that you are quite accomplished in your field and may welcome the chance to apply your expertise in a more entrepreneurial setting.

Recession has touched us all, but some industries have turned it into a business growth opportunity. Franchising is one industry where success, profitability and economic stability have actually made incremental strides. My role is to carefully select and personally invite qualified individuals to explore franchising in all its potential and you fit the profile.

With your background in management and leadership positions adding weight to your credentials, I am confident that you are likely a great fit. We know you have the initiative, skills and educational qualifications that are the building blocks of a successful business. Finding the missing link - the right franchise opportunity - will be a breeze with our help and advice. The research, qualification and application services I provide costs you absolutely nothing.

Imagine the possibility of applying your experience in a business of your own, increasing your earning potential, gaining the flexibility of working your own hours in a career you enjoy and more importantly never having to worry about losing your job again. It doesn't have to be a pipe dream anymore! Here's a chance at work-life balance like never before!

Please visit and find out more information about my services. Once you are there, fill out the "Get Started Today" form and I'll give you a call within 48 hours to discuss the next steps.

Best regards,

Rachel Taylor
Franchising Coordinator


My response was as follows:


You have so carefully selected me that you don't even know my name and have addressed me as my postal address house name – and only half of it at that.

Now bugger off!


Truly, Madly, Grumpy?


  1. Good for you. Tell 'em where to get off. Mind you, I've heard of people making a nice little mint with these things.

    er - thats it xxxx

  2. Can you get me truely, madly grumpy for The Colin? I also quite like the idea of kiddies parachuting into a drop zone.
    Great reply,sadly the only un-solicited mail I get is trying to sell me Viagra!

  3. Do you do voice-overs that could be used on telephone answering machines, Sir?

    If not, I think there's a franchise for you in it!

  4. Lol, I got the same email two days ago, but didn't reply. Straight to the spam...

  5. Amazing, this same Rachel Taylor sent me the same message, from an office in Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada. Although flattered, a quick check reveals the office as being co-located with "Global Prime Office Network", leaders in virtual office solutions. And I felt so special ...

    JD in Toronto

  6. a search on Google for "" brought this page as the third result. Way to go. ^^


  7. For me it came from "". I'm also in the Toronto area, looks like their trying out their predatory fake interview practice here
    as well. Someone on another blog commented that it is actually a company called 'Pathways' in downtown Toronto. A quick google reveals that nature of these scammers.

    It looks like if you see it through, you'll end up owing them money:

    Good on you to those who are reading this for trusting your gut instincts :) And Pathways/FranRecruiting, whoever you are, get a freakin life, you are the biggest freakin losers on the planet, at least that's what your mama told me.

  8. Here this explains about rachel at franrecruiting