Saturday, 22 May 2010

Nu ConDem Plan to Cut Defence Budget by Outourcing the Generals

The ConDem alliance has figured out a way to cut the defence budget – simply use another country’s generals to lead and command our troops.

It is believed that this is only a first step to a much greater use of outsourcing as a means of recouping the budget deficit. For example, your intrepid reporter has discovered that Cameron’s next deficit-busting coup will be the outsourcing of the monarchy to a little known tribal chief in Nigeria who has promised to do the job for a couple of hundred grand, rather than the £110m pa the Royals currently cost the country.

Hay and I celebrated 4 years together last night with a Lidl curry and watching the final episode of Ashes to Ashes. Am I alone in having to get a woman to explain the ending to me? I think I lost the plot several episodes ago.


  1. The idea of outsourcing the monarchy is nothing new of course. I seem to recall that we did it back in 1689. But as with all things that seem cheaper in the first place, over a few years the costs just creep up again.

  2. This government is having some fab ideas... maybe they could sell Kent to France... they could use it as a carpark.