Saturday, 1 May 2010

What a Nice Man!

While he was staying with me over Easter, my eldest son helped out with the paper round. As we occasionally service Sir James Dyson’s place at Doddington House and my son likes science and engineering, he decided to insert a letter into Sir James’ Sunday paper asking if he could have an autograph. Cheeky but direct (he’ll make a good sales director when he grows up).

Imagine our surprise yesterday when the postman delivered a copy of James Dyson’s autobiography, with a personal message from Sir James to my son inside the front cover.

What a nice man.


  1. Wow, I was touched! Yes he really is a nice man to do that. It's a strong inspiration for your son, too.^^

  2. During the midst of a general election things like this just restore your rather shattered belief in the kindness of many of our fellow human beings.

  3. That's a really amazing thing, that he took the time to do this - Well done to your boy for having the bon courage to ask x

  4. James Dyson for Prime Minister?