Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Daily Star Doesn’t Dish the Dirt on Beckham

A UK tabloid shocked a prurient and celebrity-obsessed readership yesterday by printing a story about allegations concerning David Beckham’s personal affairs, but failing to actually tell anyone what the allegations are.

Publicist, Max Bifford, said that this was a worrying move from a newspaper previously having no compunction about trashing people’s lives and could threaten his business.

A thought struck me just now; did we have as many financial scandals when the House of Lords was filled with nothing but aristos? Can’t really think of any aristo scandals at the moment, which seems to suggest that it's this new-fangled experiment of appointing non-aristos to the peerage that has turned the place into a den of thieves.

Please advise if you can think of any aristo scandals – but not those concerning them being flagellated by prostitutes or sleeping with each other’s wives – that’s what they used to do for a living.


  1. Whats' the point then if we have to leave out the good bits? xxx