Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Come On Mickey

Overheard while watching an edition of Top Of The Pops from the 80s:

Chairman: “Jimmy Somerville doesn’t half look like that ugly little footballer – what’s his name? Mickey Rooney!"

Hay: “I think you mean Wayne Rooney?”

Chairman: “That’s him.”

So the Lib-Dems may do a deal with Labour.

Whereas they can’t command a workable majority in terms of seats, the Lib-Dems and Labour have between them polled 59% of the total Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem votes, whereas the Tory vote on its own was only 41%. That alone shows that voting reform is needed to more closely reflect the wishes of the electorate.

What Labour must ensure is that a change in the voting system has to be implemented before any potential Labour/Lib-Dem split can occur and the government collapses – else the Tories will be in and voting reform will have to wait another 5 years.

This is far better than that vacuous X-Factor programme – it’s making people re-engage in politics, take notice of policies and determine their own futures.

Last night Hay and I were playing Guess That 60’s TV Theme Tune. Here’s one for you to guess – doo-diddly-dee, doo-doo. The clue is that the protagonist was a spy who worked for M9.

Another good game is working out the words to Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen”.


  1. http://www.lyrics007.com/Dexy%27s%20Midnight%20Runners%20Lyrics/Come%20On%20Eileen%20Lyrics.html

  2. CB the Tories will I'm sure wriggle like a greasy Teflon coated eel when it comes to PR, why would they want to become "the prisoner" of a system like that.. :)

  3. Norman, I totally agree with your suggestion that people are re-engaging with politics. There have been numerous working parties over the years trying to come up with ways of getting people interested in politics : who would have thought that the solution was as simple as hanging Parliament.

  4. Doo-diddly-dee, doo-doo?!!!
    Sounds like maybe a man who could handle a bit of danger...then again, also sounds like a leprechaun... :)

  5. SSP: No 0 the enjoyment is listening and then guessing.

    Steve: Close, but just off the mark.

    Bert: It's excellent, isn't it?

    George: Spot on - Danger Man.