Monday, 17 May 2010

Walking on Water

Overheard in the caravan:

Chairman: “I quite fancy going out and having a look at something old today.

Hay: “Look in the mirror.

This can only be a hoax, but it’s rather brilliant as a rather long-winded advert for a particular brand of running shoes.

I may be repeating myself in this next bit, so bear with me – I am 55 after all.

Been thinking about the UK’s ConDem coalition. From the Dem perspective it wasn’t really needed. They could have wielded the light hand of control by using their democratic vote within parliament to prevent anything with which they disagreed, knowing that Labour and a few minority parties would also disagree.

From the Con perspective it was a fundamental necessity.

So, strategically the Cons had to lock the Dems in fully. The only way of doing that was to offer them a share of power totally out of proportion to their actual vote among the electorate (roughly half of the Dems have ministerial positions), thus handcuffing them and in effect buying their allegiance. As we all know, power is a drug that only the most stoic are able to refuse.

A brilliant and strategically perfect coup for the Tories, but something that will come back to bite the Dems in the knackers at the next election after they have prostituted their principles in return for a soiled hand on the levers of power. The Dem electorate will feel totally betrayed.

However, that of itself could be bad news for the Cons at the next election and they now have to address how they are going to swing over the disaffected Dem electorate, whose natural leanings are to the left of centre.

The strategy may have short-term success, but the remaining Dems not invited to wield power will have no option but to rebel against the coalition if they wish to stand any chance of retaining their seats at the next election.

What do people do in the afterlife? Do teenagers fly about writing graffiti on clouds? Do the middle-aged sit around having an infinite number of dinner parties where they discuss mortgages and school fees? Do the elderly hark on for eternity how heaven has gone to the dogs?


  1. What do people do in the afterlife?
    They write blogs.

  2. re. the after-life, if what I read is accurate then the whole time is spent in grovelling servitude to the Deity; bit like North Korea then...?

  3. The Lib dem con - it's soooo romantic!!!