Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Elites - we've always had them and there would be anarchy without them. From tribal leaders to war lords to kings to Prime Ministers and Presidents. What's the obsession with getting rid of them - what do the people who want to get rid of them want to replace them with? Direct democracy is no more than the tyranny of the majority and can be as bad as the worst of the elites. 

The cry of the day is that certain sections of society feel they have no voice, but they have the same voice as everyone else through the ballot box. If the elites were swept away and replaced by an autocratic government, do they think they'd have more of a voice? Chances are they'd have no voice at all. In their eagerness to rid themselves of elites they could find themselves with something infinitely worse - like Trump.

Do you think Erdoğan going to enforce a kebab interdict on the Netherlands? That said, was there really a valid reason for the Germans, Dutch, et al to ban Turkish political rallies? It's just playing to Erdoğan's victimhood narrative, and the response plays to that of the far right. 

As for the Scottish thing - it seems to me that every time Mrs May takes a swing at Mrs Sturgeon, she ends up hitting her own face and the argument she uses against Scottish independence can be equally leveled at her and Brexit.


  1. It would be wrong for me to say that Mrs May 'Has lost the plot' because I don't think that she has ever had any plans. She merely stumbles along in the dark grabbing at historic notions of past grandeur.
    That photo of her holding Trumps hand said much about her childish mindset, as did her folly in placing square peg politicians in round ministerial holes when she became the Prime Minister or should that be The Slime Minister ?

  2. I must say that I do not agree with you or Heron. With the Referendum Rules that were agreed , Exit won, Independence didn't. At least Exit was voted on by all of the UK.

  3. It might have been voted upon by all of the UK, except that Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to remain! And their views are not being taken into consideration are they Potty ?

    1. The genie of nationalism has been released by the Brexit vote. Can't put it back now.

    2. There were some places in England & Wales who also wanted to remain but there was agreement before that the majority would win. A good number of people wanted Exit in NI & Scotland.