Saturday, 11 March 2017

Self Security

I forgot to mention something I found rather strange during my departure from Mariehamn. I arrived at the tiny airport rather early for my flight and it was obvious that the place was running with a skeleton crew of one person, who seemed to function both as overnight security and check-in clerk. 

After a wait of around an hour the place started to come to life and the baggage security check staff started to arrive. The first to arrive opened the glass door to the passenger screening area and proceeded to screen herself - she placed her coat in a tray and put it through the baggage scanner, going through the person scanner to the other side to check the results of the baggage scan. It all seemed a bit pointless - even if there's an audit trail she could easily have pushed something dodgy round air-side.


  1. Making sure the X-ray machine was working?

    1. She patted herself down on the other side and sent herself back through the person screen.

  2. Fair go, x-ray your baggage, but the joker wearing the rubber glove looks a bit ominous...