Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Gas (Welding) Man Cometh

It's that time of year again - lawn mowing.

Removed the ride-on mower's deck belt in order the get the bodge that's held it together for the last year welded. Took a bit of effort, but got there in the end. Don't think it's ever been off in the mower's life.

One of the pulleys is out of line due to a weld having cracked and being bodged previously. I tried levering it into the semblance of alignment using hose clips attached to another upright, but it's once more shredding belts, so time for a proper repair.

Too fiddly for me to attempt - the only welding experience I have is to welding 10mm steel plate, not wafer thin mild steel, added to which my welding gear's mask is so dark it precludes seeing anything at all. Needs cropping, reinforcing and gas welding by a professional. 

Emailed the local TopWeld guy, but no  response after 24 hours. Followed it up with a call to his number yesterday - got his voice mail and he didn't get back to me. Will probably have to find an Eastern European to do it...

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