Monday, 20 March 2017

VE Day


No.1 Son: "Remember when you cut part of your finger off and it went into the chili con carne?"

Chairman: "It was tasty, wasn't it?"

No.1 Son: "You didn't mention it till after I'd eaten it."

It was only a nick...

Happy 100th Birthday, Dame Vera Lynn. As a kid I remember my mum singing her songs incessantly as she was cleaning the house.

Apropos of the above, I  was reading some drivel on the Leave Facebook page about a proposal for a UK Independence (or Brexit) Day once our separation from Europe is complete. It'll be just like VE Day and it can mark the start of food rationing...


  1. Oh' very droll ha' ha' ha !
    Does this mean that we shall have start sending in food parcels via the Red Cross ?

    1. Looks that way, Mel - especially after last night's Countryfile, more on which tomorrow.