Friday, 10 March 2017

Plane Sailing

You have to admire those KLM pilots - just how the hell did someone manage to land that plane there?

There are some things I hate about flying:
  1. The person in the security queue who has never flown before and keeps having to go through the security procedure about ten times because they forgot to remove some metal item from their person.
  2. The person who doesn't prepare for the security procedure and takes forever to lay out his or her effects.
  3. The person who, when boarding a plane, blocks the aisle by carefully positioning their luggage in the overheard locker and and proceeds to strip down and carefully place their clothing in the locker too.
  4. The person in the aisle seat who is no hurry to disembark - especially when you have a connecting flight to make.

1 comment:

  1. How about, thinking you've lucked out by getting an empty seat next to you only to have it occupied at the last moment by the fat, late, pissed bloke who's kept the whole plane waiting because he lost track of time at the bar. (extra irksome on long-haul flights)