Friday, 17 March 2017

Kefir Fatigue

Do you think Trump wears a tin-foil hat at home?

Am I the only person in the UK who, without fail, has to have a 2nd eye test when getting spectacles from Specsavers? Every time I get new specs, one lens just isn't right and I have difficulty seeing through it, necessitating another eye test and another wait of a couple of weeks.

Perfected the kefir making. The secret would appear to be to multiply your kefir grains to at least one tablespoon full per pint of milk before trying to make anything even resembling kefir. Unless you have that amount, you'll be waiting forever for the fermentation to happen and when it does it won't be thick.

Blitzing some frozen fruit (the type you get in packets at Iceland) and adding that to the kefir improves the taste too. A few blueberries are excellent, but mango just doesn't have enough flavour to do anything really beneficial to it.

Here are a couple of photos of my grains, which started out very tiny and less than half a teaspoon full. and have grown to a couple of tablespoons. They look like miniature cauliflower florets.

That said, I'm just about over my kefir fascination. Getting to be a bore now. Peak kefir has come and gone. Kefir fatigue has set in. Going to put this little microbial colony to sleep in the freezer for a bit. Apparently they can last a year, or possibly more, in the freezer.

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  1. I only ever had one pair of spectacles made at Specsavers. I have to say that they were a disaster, I never could see properly through the lower half of the lens. I admit that I have a complex prescription. They were also very thick lenses. I also took a later prescription into Boots but they handed it back to me saying that they couldn't do it. My normal optician is great but so expensive.