Thursday, 2 March 2017

There's a Moose Loose Aboot this Hoose

A BA flight to the USA was cancelled due to a mouse being found on-board. Has the Orange One now got it in for mice and not allowing them through immigration? There probably wouldn't have been a problem had the mouse been a mole and Russian...

I made a batch of kefir, having fermented it while over in Holland, and very nice it was too, but on looking up the health benefits of pro-biotics I discovered that they are inconclusive at best and have no benefits at worst. They do, however, help in the case of antibiotic induced diarrhoea and possibly eczema, but that's about it - and I have neither.

I blitzed some with frozen mango chunks in Hay's Nutri-Bullet and ended up with what looked like ice cream. I dare say you'd get the same result with yoghurt and frozen mango.

Kefir is fermented milk, which is basically a weak booze. Mare's milk has more sugars than cow's or sheep's milk and so is more alcoholic, so I may swap to mare's milk - or just use wine...

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