Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Hotel Staff Laptops

One thing I forget to mention about the hotel we stayed at in Porlock. You hear these apocryphal stories about British people not wanting to do menial jobs; well, on our departure we got speaking to the hotel manager who was short of staff. He'd advertised for two staff and two Brits sent him their cv. A trial shift was organised, but both of them failed to turn up - not a peep from either of them as to why. He added that any Europeans he offered a trial were guaranteed to turn up and invariably got the job. All the staff I had dealings with (with the exception of the manager) had foreign accents.

Seems the selective airline laptop ban in unworkable, according to experts, as those having to put their laptops in hold baggage can mix with those who don't in the airport departures lounge and be handed a laptop. The only way this would work is for security checks to be done again at the departure gate, or for laptops to be banned on all flights. Experts, eh?


  1. Watched a tv series start last night about hotels and in Singapore the 2500 room hotel there had most of their staff from PRC. One young chap had worked 5 yrs away from his home and family for double his chinese wage.

    1. We're now a fully middle class society where we rely on immigrants to do all the dirty jobs.

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