Sunday, 12 March 2017

PC Nonesense

I couldn't believe my ears when listening to the news yesterday morning. A female judge has warned women who get drunk that they are putting themselves in danger of being targeted by rapists. Some bloody PC idiot from an outfit called Rape Crisis then slammed her comments as "outrageous" and "misguided". Yvonne Traynor, chief executive of Rape Crisis South East, said: "As a judge and a woman she should know better. "The only person who is responsible for rape is the rapist. "Women are yet again being blamed for rape."

What utter, unadulterated, unmitigated, idiotic, politically correct garbage. The judge was just saying that if you get wrecked you make yourself more vulnerable - not a word about blame.
  • Rapists exist,
  • They prey on vulnerable women,
  • Getting bladdered makes  you extremely vulnerable and, additionally,
  • If you're wasted then your testimony can't be relied upon as much as if you were sober.
These are incontrovertible facts and I dare anyone to gainsay this without bending the laws of logic. This Yvonne Traynor is very the reason people get so annoyed by political correctness.

What Yvonne Traynor actually means by her criticism is that the judge's words don't suit the narrative of Rape Crisis, on which she depends for a job. Whereas the judge said that there are eminently sensible ways of reducing the risk of being raped, Traynor is in effect saying women should actually feel no compunction about putting themselves at increased risk, because it won't be their fault anyway. She's actually inviting them to get raped.

If we look at culpability; leave your door unlocked and your insurers won't be too happy with any claim and will likely reject it; the burglar, if caught, will still get locked up though. If you're wrecked and walk out in front of an oncoming car, I'm sure a court would find you at least partially culpable if the driver was speeding and entirely and irresponsibly culpable if the driver was doing the speed limit. In fact, I can't think of a single example in civil life where if you act such as to increase the risk you aren't at least partially culpable for the consequences of ensues.

You know how antibiotic resistant bacteria are now a problem? I think we have the same issue with an intelligence-resistant strain of humans.


  1. By your comments you have awarded yourself the title 'Male Chauvinist Pig'