Thursday, 30 March 2017

Garden Gate Holiday Rip-offs

Anyone else remember having garden gates like these as a kid?

They were usually cream and black.

We're having a week in Murrisk on the west coast of Ireland later this year, staying with an ex work colleague who has converted an annex into a holiday let. A week of walking, kayaking (hopefully) and sightseeing in gorgeous countryside framed by mountains and the sea, as you can see from her photos below. 

Yesterday morning I wanted to book the Bristol airport car parking. There is a myriad sites that maintain they can get a better deal for you if booking in advance - one is Airparks. Tried them and the cost would have been £46.99, which they allege is a saving of £17.01. What that is a saving over is not mentioned - for obvious reasons - but you're led to think it's over the standard price when booking direct. 

Being a suspicious individual, I went to the official Bristol Airport car park site and got exactly the same price. Bastards! Beware of these sites that make you believe you'll get a better price by booking through them. 


  1. Murrisk h'm, yes you will be able to walk up to the top of Croagh Patrick, some do it in their bare feet as a penance - silly people.
    Enjoy, enjoy.

    1. Mel - methinks stout boots will be the rig of the day, not Chinese seaboots (flip-flops).

  2. I have always believed that mountains are best viewed from the bottom.