Monday, 27 March 2017

Eurovision Holiday Weekend

Overheard during my birthday weekend trip:

Chairman: "This is the best cream tea I've ever had - much better than a Devon cream tea. By the way, where are we?"

Hay: "Devon."

Later - the Chairman has an itch and is scratching his bum.

Hay: "Something in your eye, Badger?"

While passing through Lynmouth I spotted what was advertised as a 14th century tea room. I  wasn't aware there were such things as tea rooms in the 14th century, et alone tea. That said, I suppose roving baronial armies must have needed somewhere to  stop off for a cream tea before besieging the odd foe's castle, but could you imagine the problems with all those pikes -  could have had someone's eye out in a tea room.

The place we stayed overnight in Porlock, Millers at the Anchor, is very quirky, but beautiful and I can't recommend it highly enough. I had a look at some  of the guest comments, and as usual, you had the vegetarian brigade making a damned nuisance of themselves and complaining about the lack of variety in the vegetarian dishes. A vegetarian option is a bloody concession, not a basic human right!

I believe there's some kerfuffle about Russia's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. This bloody event is becoming a larger diplomatic nightmare with each passing year. It would appear countries try to get themselves banned so as to garner sympathy. The best thing Britian could with Brexit looming is to submit a song called 'Up Yours Germany' and get banned. That would get us sympathy from other European nations for Brexit negotiations and we might get an easy ride...

Talking of Brext, Countryfile was again speaking to farmers on last night's programme - specifically Welsh hill farmers. A sheep farmer was saying that 80% of his income is from EU subsidies and he faces ruin. Doubtless the Brexiteers will today again be shouting; "Unfair and biased BBC reporting," from their fake, Utopian echo chambers, into which inconvenient truths are forbidden to enter. They'll conveniently ignore the report on adders and the fact Brexit will not  affect them in the slightest, nor indeed the black grouse...

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