Friday, 24 March 2017

The Typical Cotswolds Pub

Hayley's on holiday now till she starts her new job in a month's time. Next week she's off to Broadway in the Cotswolds with her dad and his girlfriend for a few days (functioning as chauffeur and general factotum), leaving me behind to get some peace and quiet.

She was looking for somewhere to stop off for lunch with the old folk and alighted on the website of The New Inn at Coln St Aldwyns. She looked all over the website for a menu, but none was to be found. She could watch a video of the chef talking about his rare breeds, but not find a bloody menu! She had to phone them to get them to email it to her.

It seems to be one of those Cotswolds pubs that's suffered an upmarket make-over that has turned it into anything but a typical Cotswolds pub, despite the website calling it such. The only place this looks like a typical Cotswold pub is in in the pages of Ideal Homes magazine. It's a Londoner's idealised image of a traditional Cotswold pub and run by someone called Rupert or Sebastian. Hate the places - all Farrow and Ball paint and MDF - it's just an excuse to bump up the price of the food, as evidenced by £13 for fish and chips, £14 for a risotto and £16 for a piece of chicken breast. I was incredulous.

A typical Cotswold pub has lots of damp, as befitting a building several hundred years old, as well as a hideous toilet that's always cold. It serves beers you've never heard of before from local breweries, is a bit rough and ready and, if you're lucky, has delicious food at reasonable prices that locals don't need a mortgage to pay for.

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