Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Cross Frescoes

Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, has instructed government lawyers to oppose Christians taking their claim to wear crosses at work to the European Court of Human Rights.

That's taking things a bit too far - I fully support Christians' rights to wear crosses, if they wish. In fact they should be made to wear them as they are useful workplace identifiers - it enables you to spot Christians early and avoid having them harangue you about their saviour at the photocopier or tea urn.

It's strange - while Christians and Moslems proselytize, Jews generally don't actually want anyone from other religions (or no religion at all) to convert to Judaism, and those who do are frowned upon by the more orthodox believers. 

Researchers in Florence have found what they believe to be a 15th century Banksy behind a Vasari fresco.

Just take 20 seconds to watch this - very amusing!


  1. Very interesting Bill... I love the advert... It's a bit like religion... there always something else that would suit you better if you just like to believe in yourself. :-)

  2. I do like the ad! I think you're right about the crosses - Always a telltale sign for me to give someone a swerve!

  3. Christians should be made to drag big heavy wooden crosses around everywhere! (from the number of whining persecution fantasies making the news every week you'd think they were being forced to do that already anyway!)


  4. I know what you mean : I always encourage people to subscribe to the Daily Mail, it will make things much easier come the revolution : just get the lists from the Newsagents shops and Captain Bob's your Uncle.