Thursday, 1 March 2012

Making Money While the Sun Shines

As of yesterday we're making money - the solar PV system was hooked up to the grid at midday and we started generating electricity from that big yellow nuclear reactor in the sky.

During cloud at about 2pm it was generating 300W and when the skies cleared it was peaking at a shade over 3kW - enough to drive a kettle. Stood there for ages watching the money coming in. By 4pm, with a clear sky, it was still generating 1kW and we amassed some 8 kW/h during the day. That's £3.44 from the feed-in tariff.

Come summer, and the sun being higher, we should be peaking at about 4.5kW, or thereabouts.

Seriously considering getting a 12V battery bank and saving the power for night-time use, rather than pumping it out to the proles who won't appreciate the quality artisan electricity.

N-Power sent us our first electricity bill the other day - £167 and we haven't even used any yet (the sockets have yet to be fitted in the house). The bastards estimated it - badly.

We were mooting house names, as houses round here don't have numbers at all. Some of the ideas we had included:

  • AGA Acres,
  • Cinnamon & Gooseberry Yoghurt Villas,
  • Toad Hall,
  • Posh Place,
  • Valhalla,
  • The Mead Hall,
  • Fondue House,
  • Seven Years of Scrimping and Saving Place,
  • The Sidings (we live near a railway line),
  • The Power Station,
  • Yate Whine Lodge (my personal favourite - Yate being the nearest town).


  1. Oh, number 3 or 4 definitely!

    Was the Sidings Tony Hancock's place? Or the railway children? Get them mixed up!

  2. We paid no electricity bills last year and got a cheque for $1,000 back from the power company. Have to love it.

    Interestingly, the panels generated 24% more power this summer compared to last.