Monday, 5 March 2012

Remantling Magic for the 999th Time

If you dismantle something and then rebuild it, are you actually remantling it? Can you in fact mantle anything in the first place?

I was listening to an interview on Radio 4 yesterday morning concerning the recent case of a child being killed due to his carers’ belief he was practising witchcraft – the so-called witchcraft trial. 

A bishop was asked whether he believed witchcraft existed. Said bishop was desperate to avoid being asked whether it existed as a practise that works, as he would then be open to defending his brand of magic against that of witchcraft; admit to one working and you must logically admit to the other doing so too. Of course, neither works. 

Tomorrow is my 1,000th post. I've actually posted a lot more, but I had to remove several hundred posts due to the ex insisting any pictures of the kids being deleted. Not sure why, but what the hell.


  1. None of your issues today are logic-based.

    1. Hi there JCN - I am impressed that you noticed this, given that you clearly can't read!

      "The random, but sometimes surprisingly connected (but not necessarily lucid), stream-of-consciousness thoughts of an optimistic, heavy drinking, cantankerous, iconoclastic, foul-mouthed, devil worshipping misogynist"

      It's all part of the Chairman's subtle and elusive charm.

  2. Emintrude: Elusive? More like non-existent!

  3. He has us all fooled! He's a charmer supreme - How else could such a misogynist badger have snared the lovely lady he lives with?!