Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Torching Solar BPO Design

Overheard during Hay's job search:

Hay: "There's a home-based VP of sales role here; £80 to £100k selling BPO. What's BPO?"

Chairman: "Total and utter bollocks that Muppets buy."

I heard the Olympic torch route is to include some of those locations that were torched in August last year - Hackney, Brixton, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool etc. 

Bashir al Assad's wife was pictured in the papers last weekend wearing Louboutins. Where on earth does Assad get all this money for designer shoes for his missus? I guess that as an eye surgeon he must do some private work on the side. 

Hay calls Louboutins baboon bum shoes, as when a woman is walking away from you when wearing them you get a flash of red.

What exactly is designer stuff? Would anyone use, drive or wear something that wasn’t designed? Oh, hang on, I forgot about the Ferrari Mondial 8 - obviously not designed; more thrown together by a baboon in a moment of ennui!

Day 20 of the solar PV and we're raking it in:


  1. A flash of red.... Mmm very interesting. Next time I buy some shoes I must rememeber that, I mean to say I've always looked for comfort myself and whether I can afford them.