Saturday, 17 March 2012

Soylent Pink for Grey Nuts

It would seem schools and MacDonalds in the US are to remove Soylent Pink from their menus. If you don't get the reference then look up Soylent Green - it was a dystopian view of the future. However, if eating red meat takes a year off your life (assuming you would live to 80 without eating it), replacing it with Soylent Pink ain't perhaps such a bad idea.

Archbeard of Cadbury, Rowan Williams, is to give up church life and go back to macadamia, apparently (always did think him a bit of a nut). I wonder who is strong enough to oversee the inevitable disintegration of the Anglican Communion into a myriad sects? A poisoned chalice (or grail), if you ask me - which you haven't, but I thought I'd tell you anyway.

Rowan Williams

Disintegration is the ultimate destiny of any progressive and liberal church, as people come to realise that faith (and hence God) is relative and not absolute. With this dawns the concomitant realisation that a priestly caste is totally unnecessary for mediating with the unknown - you can in fact be your own priest (the clue is in the words 'the unknown'). We atheists are merely the extreme liberal wing of the CofE, as we profess not to know with absolute certainty that which cannot be known.

I do actually have a great deal of respect for Williams, despite some of his statements obviously being made to placate the more hardline elements of his regime - the ones who long for a totalitarian imposition of their view on everyone else.

I wonder if they'll choose that arch bigot and homophobe, John Sentamu, as the next High Priest? I guess it's time for a hardliner.

The rest of the exterior oak cladding is arriving next week, so the house will shortly look as it's meant to - from the outside at least. With time, the oak will go all grey and silver - a bit like the ex-Archbeard himself.

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