Monday, 19 March 2012

Liberal Sunday Cars

Overheard in the Caravan:

Hay's Dad: "You really need two cars - one for work and another for pleasure."

Chairman: "A bit like wives really,"

The government is considering dropping the Sunday trading laws for the duration of the Olympics, with a view to dropping them completely. It seems to me that it’s only those who don’t have to work Sundays that are all for them being dropped. That’s not very nice, if you ask me; it’s symptomatic of the me, me, me society. Sundays should be for eBay and Amazon shopping only. 

Have you noticed how the word ‘liberal’ has come to mean something wishy-washy and is now a pejorative term – especially in America? Liberal means tolerant, which probably says a lot about the ‘land of the free’.


  1. Yes, funny that, I find a lot of conservatives are very liberal... with the truth and the facts.

  2. Now if they had changed the Sunday Trading laws back in 1924, Eric Liddel wouldn't have been able to run in 100 metres, he would have had to have worked in B&Q instead.