Monday, 12 March 2012

A Pint of Tribute, Please

Last year I wanted to get some tickets for the Oz Pink Floyd gig at the Colston Hall in Bristol next week for my birthday. Just remembered today and was devastated to see they're all sold out.

However, Brit Floyd (a splinter band from Oz Pink Floyd - a bit like the People's Front for Judea) are playing Colston Hall in June.

I asked Hay whether she'd like to come with me, but she said she wasn't into tribute bands. Asked her whether she considered the London Symphony Orchestra or the Berlin Philharmonic tribute bands and whether she wouldn't go to see them either.

If the music is faithful to the original, or the interpretation is good, then I see no problem with tribute bands. 


  1. Spooky, I was watching an old David Gilmore DVD on Sat. night wondering if I'd ever hear comfortably numb played (properly) live ever again.. feels wrong somehow but perhaps "tribute" is the way to go (are they any good?)

  2. Steve - look 'em up on You Tube. Their entire tour show is available there. They seem very good.