Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Price of Excercise

Hay wants me to do some exercise. Having watched some TV program about 4 minutes of really hard exercise a week on an exercise bike being enough, I thought I'd get one.

Went on eBay and put in a bid on a tatty old exercise bike having some rust, but local. Thought I'd go as high as £10, thinking I was in with a good chance. Well, a bidding frenzy ensued - bloody thing went for £196. The buggers went berserk and paid well over the odds! This is it:

Hay then went on Amazon and got a brand new cross-trainer / exercise bike for £75. 

Which would you rather have? The only problem is that it comes in bits and I have to mantle it first.

Got it wrong yesterday about the 1,000th post. Yesterday was the 1,000th, not today's.

I hear the Scottish government is to hold a competition to name the new Forth crossing. The Fith crossing?


  1. CB, sounds like a bargain, but where do you stand on the thorny issue of men's shorts? ... cotton or Lycra?

    Your audience demands to know, with photos ;)

  2. Steve: Given the exercise is performed in private, jocks!

  3. ...and seaboots for extra grip.

  4. Just can't wait to see the slimmer, fitter you... Just to excited for words :-)

    1. Jamara: There's many a slip betwixt Amazon.co.uk and putting foot to pedal....

      I know a plethora of ways in which to avoid exercise.