Saturday, 31 March 2012

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Oh Jesus

Labour MPs have called for the resignation of Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, who has faced a barrage or criticism since advising motorists earlier this week to store jerry cans of fuel in their garages.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people up and down the country store petrol in their garages for their petrol lawn mowers - I do it myself. What Maude didn't tell people was to decant petrol indoors in the presence of a naked flame, like this woman who self-immolated herself  in the kitchen.

You can't call for someone to resign just because someone does something so hideously stupid! Come on Labour - get a grip! This just shows the depth of problems Labour must have if they have to resort to this. The biggest problem they currently have is the younger Milliband.

You know there are people who see images of Jesus in their toast or a sliced potato? Well, this beats the lot - it ain't just Jesus' face...

Courtesy of my friend George in NZ. They're strange like that down there....


  1. That's seriously spooky. And what do you get if you spell dog the other way around? Say no more.

  2. Never thought of that Alan - you have a point.

    And if you spell Alsatian backward you get Naitasla - a 3rd century BC god of the underworld among the Naga Hills tribesmen.....