Thursday, 8 March 2012

Galling in the Teeth of China - Boo!

Actress: "His gall bladder is compromised."

Hay: "Where's your gall bladder, Badger?"

Chairman: "Gaul?"

No.1 Son: "Boo!"

Chairman: "Never creep up on a man who is trained to kill."

In a moment of ennui we were watching a TV program about Gok Wan trying to discover his heritage in China (I assure you there was nothing else on). There was a factory where they apparently make London cabs. A slogan printed over the production line read; "Efficient Execution". I suppose that means one bullet for 3 men.

I was brushing my tooth last night and pondering why nature gave us such imperfect tools for chewing food.

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  1. Teeth scare me,,,, 4 pm dentist today.. make the morning meeting as long as possible please to take my mind off it