Friday, 30 March 2012

Post Office Raid with Molotovs

Overheard in the Caravan:

Chairman: "It'll be a bugger getting used to stairs in the house."

Hay: "Come on - ancient man was out running down his prey on a daily basis - exercise is what the human body is designed for."

Chairman: "Ancient man was loping majestically across the Serengeti, not jogging up and down Mount bloody Kilimanjaro on a daily basis."

What with the price of stamps going exponential, I wonder if we're going to see Post Offices being raided by masked men with guns. When you think about it, making off with several grands' worth of stamps (about 6 books of 12) is far easier than wads of notes. They're also untraceable.

And as for the government telling us to fill our tanks and creating an ensuing panic among the drones - perhaps there's another, bigger announcement in the pipeline and they simply want the forecourts to be devoid of Molotov Cocktail ingredients...

Murdoch was railing against monopolies yesterday. Isn't that a bit like...... oh never mind.

Noticed something strange about the solar PV output over the last few days; while it's been sunny all day, and the daylight has been increasing by 3 minutes per day, the output in kWh has decreased slightly, but steadily. I suspect it's due to an accumulation of dust on the panels. Obviously it required the odd rain shower to keep the system at peak performance.


  1. ...good idea about nicking stamps, I shall add this to my 'money making schemes' file.