Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Sodbury Festivals

We need something here to attract visitors and bring in foreign money - from say Dursley.

  • The Old Sodbury Literary Festival?
  • The Chipping Sodbury Fringe?
  • The Little Sodbury End Arts Festival?
  • The Lesser Sodbury Food Festival?
  • The Sodbury-sub-Hamden Cheese Rolling Festival?
  • The Sodbury-cum-Whychwood Cat Skinning Championships? 
  • The Bloody Sodbury Assizes & Executions. Mmmmm, I like that one!


  1. Well, after my experience a couple of days ago, just don't take any photographs of anyone enjoying themselves at any of these festivals, because someone somewhere will complain. Talk about 1984 & big brother killjoy.

  2. What about the
    "Sod em all" Festival

    Peter in NZ