Sunday, 18 March 2012

Union Battle of Evermore

In response to the government’s plan to cut central wage bargaining, Unite's Len McCluskey said: "All this will do is drive workers to the better paid regions, leaving large parts of the country without the professionals essential to sustain local services." 

Len really can’t be very good at elementary maths. If pay is to be made relative to the local cost of living, it will benefit no-one to move to a better paid area – whatever they gain will be lost due to the higher cost of living. 

I was watching a YouTube video of Led Zep’s ‘The Battle of Evermore’, where John-Pail Jones performs the role made famous by Sandy Denny. It reminded me of the old joke: 

Robert: "If we do 'The Battle of Evermore' on the tour, we need someone to sing Sandy's part." 

Jonesy: "I'll do it." 

Robert: "Anyone else? Jimmy?" 

Jimmy: "No." 

Jonesy: "Robert, I said I-" 

Robert: "Bonzo?" 

Bonzo: "No thanks." 

Jonesy: "Robert! I said I would sing Sandy's part!" 

Robert: "Maybe I should give Sandy a ring?" 

Jonesy: "I'll play my Triple Neck." 

Robert: "Jonesy! If you wanted to sing Sandy's vocals you should have asked."

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