Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ten Days Later

After 10 days, here's the result of the solar PV generation:

Click to enlarge. £42.26 for the first ten days of March ain't too bad. 

You know, I'm dreading any of my kids coming home and telling me they're Roman Catholic and are coming out of the closet - or confessional, as they call it.


  1. LOL... Ok and that is with out you "USING ANY POWER THERE" and you have what sort of investment in the hard ware?

    make hay while the sun shines .. next winter it will be the other way around

  2. Phil: payback in around 5 years - and no electricity bills in the meantime. Everything after that is tax-free profit.

  3. I doubt that if your children turn out to be closet Catholics (or any other religion for that matter) it will have any effect of the electricity generated. It may even prove to be beneficial as God may choose to shine down upon them.

    What is the lifetime of the PV panels?


  4. Phil, I'm going to save that comment and come back and haunt you in 5 years time... if it was that good I'd already have one....

    Based on how I see it and of course I could be wrong, its been known at least once in 54 years,
    the USA average on income from that style of equipment is around $4.80 a day.. ( you are showing a MUCH larger output I admit over the 10 days). Global average then per 5 years is give or take $105K Take out of that usage of around $ 140 a month gives you a spend of $100 K or there about.. The equipment in the USA would have cost us around 50K... so I think as long as the sun shines here as much as Florida it was going to take us 50 plus years to make ends meet..

  5. The PV was under £11k. The £37k was for the PV plus, black radiator style water heating, plus underfloor heating and air-source heat pump.

  6. Also, don't forget that our usage should go down substantially due to the heat pump, black radiators and underfloor heating.