Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Chairman Bill Goes it Alone

Yesterday Chairman Bill went to London to see a man and a woman in a large company he last worked for some 11 years ago. The subject under discussion was a 6 month consultancy assignment, which might extend to a year.

On the basis of this opportunity, The Chairman has decided to set out on his own.

There’s many a slip betwixt cup and lip, but you have to make a decision at some stage in your life as to what you really want from it all.


  1. Sounds exciting, I bet you can't wait to get cracking on something new and shiny! I'll try to remember to wave as you pass us on the M4! ;)

  2. Steve: I'll need a new car (executive style) a few laptops, a full set of iPads - not to mention iPhones - and all the latest office gadgetry.

  3. Dear Mr Van Bergen,
    I came across your letterhead and note that you specialise in strategic planning and facilitation. There is a project which we are working on at the moment in Libya which could well benefit from both an element of strategic planning and a considerable amount of facilitation. Would you be interested in taking it on. Yours etc, Dave Cameron

  4. Dear Mr Burnett-Cameron - my solution was clearly outlined in the port entitled 'Identity Isues for Gaddafi Asylum in UK'. Offer the man concerned assylum in the UK, in exchange for £20bn.

    Job done! My fee will folow on a postcard from nowhere.

  5. Job not quite done, you've still got my interim to manage.