Monday, 21 March 2011

Cheddar Gorge, Orkney

Orcadians Take the Piss Over Cheddar Cheese

Orkney Island Cheddar is made using milk from the Orkney Isles, ‘following a traditional recipe and process’. The makers are seeking another one of these damned ridiculous protected name status thingummies.

Chairman Bill has never even heard of this cheese and the ‘traditional process’ mentioned originates from Cheddar in Somerset. Rather than going for name protection, the makers of Orkney Island Cheddar should be prosecuted under EU legislation for misappropriating the Cheddar name.

Why would anyone other than an Orcadian even want to buy, let alone make an Orkney Island cheddar? I would imagine that outside of Orkney it would have all the allure of genuine imitation plastic.

When will someone take these Eurocrats by the neck, give them a damned good slapping and stop all this nonsense?

Here's a question for you - when does a human shield become a bodyguard?


  1. How far should these PDO's go back? follow it to a logical conclusion and the Egyptians & Greeks will end up owning everything! ;)

  2. Did you know that the word "Eurocrats" is protected by an EU protection of origin Regulation. You can only be a Eurocrat if you live in the Brussels or Strasbourg region and comply with a specific dress code. And for someone who has pinched his name from the late venerated leader of the Chinese people, I reckon it is a bit over the top for you to complain about Oakney Cheddar.

  3. Steve: True!

    alan: Where's Oakney? Not another place purloining the cheddar brand, is it?