Thursday, 31 March 2011

Shakespearian Dictator Protected Origin

Chairman Appalled by Star Trek Acting Standards

Having watched the final series of Deep Space Nine over the last few months on CBS Action, Chairman Bill is appalled at the standard of acting in the current re-run of Star Trek – the Original Series.

The acting is sufficiently wooden to be made of well-seasoned, air-dried oak and the special effects / scenery make Crossroads look positively Hollywoodian by comparison.

Chairman Bill is convinced that, following the debut of Sir Patrick Stewart in The Next Generation, all sci-fi actors should in future be RSC trained.

When interviewed, Chairman Bill said: “How did we ever put up with it in the 60s?”

Another Middle East Dictator Threatens Himself

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, has vowed to bring to justice those dastardly people who want democracy and to overturn his beautifully crafted police state paradise.

The people of Deraa will "eliminate whoever is behind the violence", the Syrian leader said. Well, given he’s the one who first started shooting peaceful protesters, he can only be talking about himself.

Point of Designated Origin – Again

Last night Chairman Bill was watching a TV programme called The Great British Food Revival.

Some Brummie chef was waxing lyrical about English cheeses and how we should be supporting British cheese producers through the PDO system and eschewing foreign imitation muck.

He then went on to praise a plethora of British camemberts, ricottas and parmesans, which the Chairman thought the height of hypocrisy.

The Chairman said: “Let the market decide - allow regionally named cheeses to be made anywhere in the world and simply put the country of origin on the packet in large lettering. PoD does not signify quality in any way, shape or form; it’s merely protectionism in its lowest manifestation.”


  1. Protection should come with innovation, if I bet my house on some new process for making fizzy wine and people like it then I expect to be protected from those who would rip off the fruits of my labour without compensating me, but we already have IP/Copyright law for that?

    Whilst I applaud protection for true innovators, receiving protection simply by virtue of setting up your business in a particular geography or by using processes invented by our distant ancestors seems unfair.

  2. I still think you should have a PDO certificate, and probably you should be listed as being of specific historical significance as well.
    The above comment has been made with real Yorkshire Wit. "Yorkshire Wit" is a term that can only be assigned to wit that originates from a Yorkshire man (or very occasionally a Yorkshire woman)

  3. Steve: you have it in one!

    Alan: I thought it originated in Lancashire, just like Yorkshire puddings....