Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Scargill Listens for Aid

Downing Street Rules Out Listening to Voters

David Cameron has ruled out any dialogue with voters in the run-up to the mass sell-off of the NHS from a stall on Petticoat Lane market.

Nothing much to add then, is there?

Arthur Scargill Looking to Make Comeback

Following in the wake of the Japanese nuclear accident, this organ asks whether there is scope for Arthur Scargill making a comeback.

Catholic Church Wants Conditions on Aid

For aid to be given to countries where people are in dire need of it (Pakistan is the country in question), Cardinal Keith O’Brien wants conditions attached, such as the ability of Christians to practise their religion.

One asks whether Jesus ever put conditions on His love.

The answer, of course, is no He didn't - He used unconditionality as His weapon of choice due to its power to embarrass.

Additionally, Cardinal O'Brien, as a religious person himself, should be aware of the inability of logic to persuade deeply religious people to change their ways. O'Brien's request will be seen as an attack, with the obvious consequence of retrenchment and hostility.


  1. The Catholic church seems to operate on the "no such thing as a free lunch" principal, it's a shame there are no constraints on them acquiring tax-free charitable status in this regard.

  2. What's all these capital letters on His and He. You've not gone all religious on me have you?

  3. Alan: Just showing a little out-of-character respect. Don't knwo what came over me.

  4. I'm glad the stock markets haven't dropped more than they have. All those lost lifes is bad enough. My prayers go out to them. 10-4.