Monday, 28 March 2011

Decimal Crowd Control at the Yacht Club

Japanese Confused Over Decimal Point

Following the Fukushima Daiichi power company saying the radiation at one of its damaged plants is 10 million times normal, and then saying it was a mistake, pundits suggest that the company has a problem with the concept of the decimal point.

35 minutes past 10 million o’clock?

British Police to Consider Use of Snipers

After anarchists hi-jacked Saturday’s 250,000 strong peaceful London protest over government cuts (interpreted by Gaddafi's propaganda machine as a pro-Gaddafi rally), British police are now considering replacing the controversial kettling system of crowd containment with the Gaddafi-influenced use of snipers on tall buildings to take out masked protesters who are clearly out to cause nothing but vandalism.

Innovative crowd control method?

Chairman Bill Joins Yacht Club with No Boats

Chairman Bill, intrepid sailor and master mariner, has joined the Chipping Sodbury Yacht Club, one of the very few inland yacht clubs where it is mandatory that members do not own a vessel of any description.

He urges readers to have a look at the website, which is somewhat amusing and cocks a snook at some of the more up-your-arse and ridiculous rules that regular yacht clubs have.

Not allowed.


  1. Oh the CSYC sounds a wonderful organisation - I note they have a Thirst Officer - and I congratulate you on your membership. Is your clock showing decimal time?

  2. Alan: The guy who is their 'Lookout' is actually registered as blind.

  3. Probably twinned with Alice Springs Yacht Club.

  4. Lee: Newcomers - only started in 1993. Can't find a website for it though.

  5. Remember the Nasa metric mix up?

  6. What? no yacht envy or judging people by the size of their yardarm, it's just not British!... ;)